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Best Hair Extension Salon in Pune

Best Hair Extension Salon in Pune

Best Hair Extension Salon in Pune 

Best Hair Extension Salon in Pune

CN Innovative Hair Studio Pune, one of the Best hair extension salon in Pune. focuses on applications like Bonding Hair Extensions from one of the best hair extension brands on the market and Tape-in Hair Extensions of best quality, which uses the best virgin European hair available.

We use the best hair extensions in Pune. Best hair extensions are purchased from Hindu temples in India. The villagers voluntarily gave the hair to the temple as a sign of their dedication to their religion. Schools, medical facilities, and other community services are supported by Temple Hair’s revenue.

In order to give each customer the most smooth and perfect results possible, we have perfected the art of 100% best hair extensions in Pune at CN Innovative Hair Studio.

Each client receives a unique application from Hair extension brand. A consultation is necessary in order to address your concerns, go over your ideal design, and provide you precise cost information. We look forward to meeting you for a free consultation at our studio location.

Customers seeking an alternative to hair colouring will find that dye-free best hair extensions can completely change the way they look without the use of any chemicals. Are you interested in ombre hair colour yet hesitant to bleach your hair? Then you have the option of best hair extensions.

A consultation is necessary to evaluate your hair’s health, determine your eligibility, and go over the best extension technique for you. You will then receive colour matching. For the purchase of best hair extension, an appointment will be made for installation. Since the hair cannot be returned after it has been purchased, Even if you decide to cancel your installation, the hair is still yours.

4 Types of Best Hair Extensions

Micro link Hair Extensions

Using a set of pliers and a metal bead, you thread the single-strand micro-bead extensions through your own hair to apply this kind of hair extension. Your head is therefore essentially covered in these tiny beads.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

These are the quickest and simplest hair extensions to apply, and you may do it yourself without seeking professional assistance. Because clip-in hair extensions are a temporary solution, you can attach and remove them whenever you like. While clipping in clip-in hair extensions simply takes around 5 minutes, you must remove them anytime you shower, sleep, or swim. Always buy best human hair extensions so you may style them with heat and wash them like you would your own hair.

Tape in Hair Extensions

The 1 ½” wide cosmetic adhesive-bonded keratin tabs used for tape-in hair extensions have a keratin bond. Without the use of additional equipment, beads, or chemicals, they are simple to apply, comfortable, lightweight, and won’t harm hair. In less than 30 minutes, a full head application can be completed.

Sewn-in/Weave Hair Extensions

The only people who look decent using sewn-in hair extensions are those who have extremely thick, coarse, or naturally extremely curly hair. All of your own hair is securely braided into corn rows, and the extensions are then sewn on with a needle and thread. The tight braids significantly strain your scalp, therefore these hair extensions are not recommended for people with thin hair. On the plus side, they work incredibly well for individuals who have lots of thick, coarse hair. Also take into account the need for hygiene, since the cornrows may make it difficult to wash away sweat and debris from the scalp. Sewn-in hair extensions must be applied by a professional, and you must return to the salon frequently (every six weeks or so) to check that the braids are still secure and that the braids are still sewn in correctly.

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