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About Us

About Us

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We give a vast variety of effortless Non – Surgical Hair relief services, including hair relief, Hair cling, Hair Clip systems, Hair Weaving, and Hair Tape recording Extensions. likewise, we also give services like hair fixing, hair patches, hair hairpieces, hair relief products, and all these are made of natural hair. 

We also give real mortal hair hairpieces like endless hair hairpieces, beauty hairpieces, chemotherapy hairpieces, fashion hairpieces, customized hairpieces, and Hair extensions. All these kinds of accessories related to toupee fixing contain zero side goods. These naturally made hair hairpieces will match your being hair colour, texture, and size. The quality of products and services are high, natural with transnational norms at affordable prices. This oneness makes us stylish from other hair fixing workrooms. 

CN Innovative Studio aims to satisfy all guests with hygiene and an airy terrain in the plant. It offers complete results with guaranteed results, irrespective of the hair loss conditions or inflexibility. As a result, we’ve over 2000 happy guests. The stylishNon-Surgical Hair relief services by CN Innovative  Studio are marvellous in this beauty Assiduity.

Our trouble is to give the customer with the ultimate result for any hair loss. We’ve a well- endured and talented platoon to help guests to fulfil their conditions innon-surgical hair treatment, relief tape recording for hair extensions, fixing traction alopecia, hair transplantation, hair extensions, and hair wefting; we’ve been privileged to serve our elite guests with ways and technologies.

Hair Patch

look and feel like just natural hair..

“Get Natural Look in Two Hours Without Any Surgery “

Non Surgical Hair Replacement


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